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Summer Session
June 16 - October 15, 2017

Registration Starts June 16, 2017

Journey Jumpstart

Journey Jump-Start Classes are designed for members at all levels that desire to jump-start their Spiritual walk with strategies in areas such as: evangelism, bible study techniques, personal finance, prayer just to name a few. Each class is 3-4 weeks in length and will rotate one after the other each semester session.

(Prerequisite: Completion of Journey to Freedom-New Members Class)

Basic Evangelism

Evangelism put simply is sharing the gospel and the impact it has made on your life. In this session, members will be taken through Free Indeed’s S.W.A.T training curriculum. At the conclusion of this class, participants will put into action the strategies they have learned by evangelizing and praying for others. (July 16 - August 6)

Much Prayer Much Power - Developing a Quality Prayer Life

Developing a quality prayer life is pivotal. This session, will provide members with strategies they can use to catapult their prayer life to new levels with strategies they can implement immediately. (August 13 -  September 3)

Rightly Dividing the Word - Bible Study Basics

Growing in your knowledge and understanding of God’s word is import to our Christian walk. In this session, members will be provided with multiple bible study techniques they can use in their daily devotional times. (September 10 - October 1)

Journey to Freedom Levels 1-3

(July 16 - September 10)

(Prerequisite: Completion of Journey to Freedom-New Members Class and each level is a prerequisite to the following level)

For those members that are ready to move to the next level of becoming a disciple leader we have Journey to Freedom Discipleship classes levels one, two and three. Each level is eight to nine weeks long and participants will build relationships while developing strong discipleship foundations.

The Complete Discipleship Evangelism Course by Andrew Womack and Don Krow: Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." - Matthew 28:19 Like many believers, you may feel unprepared or inadequate in fulfilling that command. If you do, stop it! Your family, friends and neighbors need you. They may not know it, but you have the answers to the most important questions in their lives. All you've needed is the right tool.

This tool has been designed so that anyone, at anytime, anywhere can reach an unbeliever, disciple a new believer, or grow with others in the Lord.

Leader's Discipleship

(June 30- October 15)

Spiritual Leadership - Principles of Excellence for Every Believer (Commitment to Spiritual Growth): What does God look for in a leader?

The need for talented, vigorous leaders in the church cannot be overemphasized. Such times demand active service of men and women who are guided by and devoted to Jesus Christ. In these pages, J. Oswald Sanders presents the key principles of leadership in both the temporal and spiritual realms, illustrating his points with examples from Scripture and biographies of eminent men of God (Moses, Nehemiah, Paul, David Livingstone, Charles Spurgeon, and others). He holds that even natural leadership qualities are God-given, and their true effectiveness can only be reached when they are used to the glory of God.

Featured topics include: The cost of leadership, the responsibility of leadership, Tests of leadership, The qualities and criteria of leadership, The art of reproducing leaders, The one indispensable requirement of leadership (Six weeks two times this semester)

Gifts and Callings - Deeper Foundations: What Can You Do With the Fire of the Holy Spirit Living Inside You?

This book majors on the foundation of all gifts mentioned in the Bible. The 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Service Gifts and the Ascension Gifts (5-Fold Callings). It is unique in that it starts each gift with its meaning from the original Greek language in which it was written. You will also learn how the gifts operated in the Bible and see biblical and present day examples of those with callings and more. The book gives systematic training and opportunities to study deeper in group settings or bible studies. This book is for anyone that: - Has been operating in the Gifts of the Spirit and Callings given to them by the Lord - Wants to operate in their gifts - Is not sure if they are operating in their gifts - Wants to develop and train lay members and church leadership. (Six weeks two times this semester)

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